Katharine Pickering Antonova

Katherine Pickering Antonova is an assistant professor of history specializing in Russia and Eurasia. She earned her B.A. at the University of Chicago and her Ph.D. at Columbia University. Her first book is *An Ordinary Marriage: The World of a Gentry Family in Provincial Russia* (Oxford University Press, 2012). The book is a microhistorical study of a marriage; it examines the reception and adaptation of Western European ideas like domesticity, Enlightenment, and Romanticism in a setting where the political and social developments that gave rise to these ideas were absent. Her second book will be a collective biography of a group of influential women mystics who surrounded Emperor Alexander I in the 1810s and 20s. Professor Antonova’s teaching interests include the history of European aristocracy, Eurasian cities, textiles, and Soviet history, as well as undergraduate historical writing and methods.